Used Wine & Spirit Barrels

Our used barrel inventory is frequently changing, however we always keep a variety of spirit, wine and decorative barrels in stock. Spirit barrels are fragrant, fresh dumped and often times still wet. Wine barrels are washed, dried and gassed. All barrels are checked for obvious defects and shipped in a timely manner.


Neutral Red Wine, 59 gal


White wine barrel.jpeg

Neutral White Wine, 59 gal



Wild turkey bourbon, 53 gal



Caribbean Rum, 53 gal

Head bunged, $180


Napa Ruby & “Tawny” White Port, 59 gal


Tequila Barrels.jpg

Ex-Wine Anejo tequilA, 59gal


Dads Hat Rye 15gal.jpg

Dads Hat rye, 15gal

2015 Craft Whiskey of the Year $75 (4+)


Marsala 500l Puncheon

$595 - Coming this Spring. Preorder now!


red wine puncheon (Ca), 500l

TBD - Coming this Spring. Preorder Now!