I'm new to using wood vessels, what kind of support can you offer? Great question! We're always here to help: from phone support, and wood use and care guides, to introducing you to some other resources in your community who can help. We work closely with our cooperage and Master Cooper Enrico Romualdi has a wealth of knowledge, so if there's a question we don't have an answer to we'll find out for you!

Where do you ship? What do freight costs look like? We are centrally located on the East Coast and can ship anywhere in the US and most places internationally. Freight costs are dependent upon a few factors: weight, pallet size, distance and the whims of the shipping industry. When we send a freight quote to you, we've actively worked with 3-4 shippers in order to secure the most cost effective shipper for your order. Our freight quotes are good for 7 days; after that, the shipper has the right to re-quote you. Outside influences that affect your quote can be: special delivery needs, gas prices, availability of drivers, the weather, and whether or not Mercury is in retrograde. If you get a good price quote, grab it while you can!

How much does a cask or foeder cost? All of our pricing can either be found on our website or by emailing us. Keep in mind that pricing can change due to the International Exchange Rate, however we work with our vendors to try to keep costs down. In addition to the vessel pricing, there will some shipping and importation costs associated with the purchase, plus any crating or dedicated vessel costs. The good news is that our vessels will last a lifetime (or two!) if properly cared for. You'll be making beer or wine for years to come!


Importation Costs
All applicable quotes will include an estimate of the importation costs for your order. Actual costs will be passed
through to you, the customer, which may result in a final invoice with either a higher or lower total
for your purchase. We do our best to provide accurate estimates, but many factors may affect the actual
costs, including changing international shipping rates, size and type of container, and collateral
contents (if any). When we receive a final invoice for the importation, we will send you a final invoice
showing any additional charge or refund due. * Please note that from Jun 1st -Oct 1st we will need to use a temperature controlled container in order to ensure that our quality standards are met. Temperature controlled containers incur a slightly higher cost.
Exchange Rates
All applicable quotes are based on an exchange rate of current US/Euro exchange at the time of your order, and is therefore subject to change without notice until you pay for your order in full. A Dollar/Euro exchange rate shift in excess of 5% will result
in adjustment to the total cost of your order in U.S. dollars, based on the spot exchange rate at the time
of each payment. This adjustment, which may or may not be in your favor, will be reflected on your
final invoice, subject to a possible additional charge if payment is not promptly received and the
exchange rate continues to move unfavorably. You may lock in an exchange rate at any time by
placing a full deposit on your order.
The shipping quote provided by our company assumes delivery to a commercial address, with no liftgate
required, unless otherwise specified above. We generally collect estimates from 3-4 independent brokers in an effort to offer the most economical shipping possible.  This quote is good for Five (5) business days, after which we may need to re-quote the freight. Please be aware that re-quotes can result in higher freight costs. Additional fees may be applied for residential deliveries, limited access, or lift gate services.  Please review the attached "Limited Access Definition" document.  Let us know if you require any special services.  By accepting this quote you are acknowledging that you understand additional fees may be charged after delivery and without authorization.

**********************IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING********************************

While KFS maintains a rigorous shipping and packing procedure, at times items may arrive damaged at your shipping destination. Therefor, it is extremely important that each item is inspected at the time of arrival and any and all damage be documented by photo or video. Additionally, all damaged items must be noted as such on your bill of lading and/or shipping documents and signed by the driver. Copies of the paperwork plus any photo/video documentation must be submitted to Keystone Fermentation Supply within 48 hours of receiving your items. We ask this in order to quickly and fairly remedy any issues with your order.

As a reminder, all "used" vessels have already been loved once and buyers should be aware that vessels may maintain some pre-owned charm such as remnants of spirits or oak additives, which are not considered defects. However all "used" vessels are visually inspected for obvious damage on the exterior and KFS stands behind our products, so please feel free to reach out with any questions! As always, be sure to read your Wood Use and Care Guide before using wood products.