Decorative & Furniture Grade Vessels

We value our relationship with our customers and make quality control a focus of our company. Due to this, we proactively reduce our inventory of vessels that we felt have aged out of being sell-able wood, or has a defect that renders it unusable for holding liquid and transfer them to our Decorative Department. Whether you need accent pieces for your new spot, or feel like getting crafty like they do on Pinterest we've got some great deals on decorative wooden vessels & accessories for you. Want to buy in bulk? Let's talk! Additional discounts may apply. 

Decorative Wine Barrels.jpg

Used Wine Barrels, 60 gallon

Dimensions vary based on cooperage, and style but average size is: 36” Height 23” Diameter
$75 each
sold as-is


Used Wine Puncheon

Dimensions: 43” tall, 30” diameter
$425 ea
sold as-is


Used Oval Wine Cask

Dimensions: 47” long, 57” tall, 40” diameter at front
Missing front manway, will not hold liquid, sold as-is. Comes with stillage
only 1 avail


Barrel Hoops, asst. sizes

$25, 6 pack
Bulk discounts avail


Barrel tub

only 1 avail