About Us


Passion for beer, wine and booze: that's what you'll find at Keystone Fermentation Supply. Our team is into everything fermented and it shows.




Keystone Fermentation Supply was founded in 2011 when demand for barrels and casks at our Keystone Homebrew Supply Store grew so large it required special attention. With the rise of craft breweries, meaderies, distilleries and wineries we witnessed our loyal customers turn their passions into profession and we decided to do the same. Since then, KFS has become a premier broker for barrels, casks, foudres and tanks, both new and refurbished. Our belief in quality and tradition lead us to partner with Master Cooper Enrico Romualdi, a 4th Generation Master Cooper froma family-owned cooperage in Tuscany, Italy. TheRomualdi cooperageproduces hand-made barrels, casks, and foudres for wineries and breweries all over the world. Enrico Romualdi also sources and reconditions used casks and foudres, everything from Bonolo Brandy to Super Tuscan, Barolo and Moscato D'Asti. If you're into good wood, you've come to the right place.



For our wineries, we've been lucky enough to partner with TN Coopers, a world class cooperage in Chile. For them, it all starts in the forest, and they work with winemakers and arborists all over the world to source the best quality wood for their customers. Focusing mainly on French, European and American Oak from the best forests they combine cutting edge technology with traditional coopering methods to provide quality custom made vessels for winemakers in every part of the globe.


If you're looking for used, neutral barrels we are consistently getting new shipments from a variety of exciting partners. Fresh dumped wine, whiskey, tequila and brandy barrels are received almost weekly from a few of our (secret) sources and treated and/or inspected before sale. Some of our favorites include:


Dad's Hat Rye Whiskey

Heaven Hill Bourbon

Lairds Apple Brandy

Kunde Cellars

Don Benjo Tequila



To learn more, or to get a quote for goods, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!